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New Year…. New Me! New Years Resolutions that are Visible

If you’re anything like me you get to this time of the year and reflect on the past year and think how many of last years’ resolutions worked?

StressedWell 2015 is the year to plan ahead and become realistic! To quote Kathy Lette “stand on your own two stiletto’s and put together a self-improvement plan that will make you feel, absolutely fabulous.

Easy fix’s and it takes about 1 hour, with no down time – Porcelain Skin – can be created in one hour, with microdermabrasion, chemical peels and facials. Smooth lines skin with a perfect pout in even less.

Weight loss – yes diet and exercise are carried over from one years’ list to the next – give yourself a kick-start and ensure results. Don’t be so tough on yourself; it ‘sucks’ to carry weight, but so does Liposuction! It literally sucks all that fat out and leaves you feeling lighter, healthier and ready to tackle better eating habits and exercise, because you feel great once you have eliminated all that glug out of your body.

Bigger boobs, smaller boobs – well are we ever really satisfied!!!! It’s sort of like our hair. If we have straight, we want curly. If we have big boobs, we want small. If we have small, we want big. Problem – no! Just come and see Dr. Bill Lyon or Dr. Ron Bezic – the choice is yours.

Getting married? Put a plan in place now!! You don’t have to have cosmetic work done that makes you a stranger at the altar. The Cosmedical Clinic doctors and injectors won’t make you look different – just a better version of you. Put a visit into your wedding plans, which could include fun parties for you and your bridal party to ensure for decades to come you look back at your photos and say, “we were the best looking wedding party ever”!

The list can go on… a facelift to make you look simply a younger version of you for your milestone birthday, or just a simple eye or neck lift.

Just remember nothing is impossible and the hardest thing is to take the first step…. bring beautiful back!!!!!

Cosmedical Clinic will be closed from the 23rd Dec – 5th January, but we will keep the blogs and posts coming……

Until next week, have fun!

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