The Eye’s Have It…


Are you one of those women who would go “OMG I would never have surgery”?

Are you also looking in the mirror when you wake up and being equally as astonished at how tired you look? Those eye bags that only used to surface after a heavy night have come out to play, with or without the heavy night – it’s simply not fair, because there were no good-times to be had!

When you look in the mirror — and a (very nearly) fiftysomething stares back at you. There is simply no escaping the puff eye bags, the weariness of the eyelids, and the sunken shadow of my brow is there to stay. While there was a very obvious answer — the peculiarly named cosmetic procedure known as ‘blepharoplasty’, in which your eyelids are reconstructed and excess skin removed. You may think how could I justify the vanity, let alone the expense?

Let me tell you it is so worth it…

Your eyes are the most focal point of your face! You may not be tired, but just looking at yourself makes you feel tired. This can effect you how your feel in your own skin and this simple procedure can change your how you feel about yourself, which means you are happier, loving the reflection in the mirror and those around you benefit.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m happy, it seems those around me are too!!! So maybe it is all about me…

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