The Essence of Attractiveness

What is the essence of attractiveness? You can see a really beautiful woman or a really good looking guy that appeals to the eye immediately, but once the brain starts to break down what it’s seeing, those first impressions can diminish or heighten depending on how it process’s the overall package.

When you wander the halls of my favorite cosmetic surgery practice – Cosmedical Clinic – just on the edge of Sydney’s CBD, in the tree lined streets of Woollarha, it is comforting to know that Dr Bezic and Dr Lyon will ensure that whatever the treatment, it will be completely individualised. They believe it is not a matter of an overall ideal beauty, but seeking your ideal beauty.

The best feedback you should get after having any procedure – surgical or non surgical – is no feedback at all! Your friends should have an element of doubt; why do you look so good? Have you had something done or not?

Recently I recommended Cosmedical Clinic to a friend of mine who was turning 60 – little did I realise, at the time, she was also getting married. She made an appointment for a consultation and, after a few non-surgical procedures – I do not exaggerate – she now looks in her 40’s and, is absolutely thrilled with the results!! Forget Yummy Mummy, she is a Yummy Granny!!!!

Feeling good about yourself will give you greater confidence to achieve and conquer what life throws at you. It gives you a better quality of life because you feel better about the way you look.

The Screen Sirens of the 50’s had three things in common:

Cosmedical Clinic is all about PASSION and allowing science to help release your inner screen siren & or beauty!


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