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Med Contour Before & AfterI recently found out the best kept body toning and size-loss secret in Sydney and want to share my experience in the hope it will help anyone who has struggled to get the shape they wanted.

I was referred to Cosmedical Clinic by a friend originally because I was interested in breast augmentation. Whilst I was there I noticed they had a service that could help with slimming the areas I found especially difficult to shift, such as hips, top of knees and thighs.

A bit about me – I am about 5ft9 and 63kgs with an athletic build. I’m an avid gym go’er and train either intense cardio or weights from 4-7 times a week. I also eat a very healthy low-carb diet yet despite this still felt my silhouette in a body-con dress didn’t mirror the effort I was putting in.

After a long conversation on the phone with the practitioner at Cosmedical , Mary, I felt this was something worth trying. Also, it was a non-surgical option that promised good results.

The treatments themselves I found to be very relaxing, it was like getting a massage. Mary, was extremely dedicated to getting a good result. At no point was I concerned that I would end up lopsided or anything as Mary explained she follows a formulaic approach to ensure consistency across both sides. Throughout the sessions, Mary would take the time to discuss with me how I could get the best from my sessions and it was obvious just how passionate she was about me achieving the results I was after.

I saw results quickly, the area I had treated became more toned and defined with each session. People started to comment on how great my legs were looking and I found clothes that were once a tight to pull up, slid up my thighs with ease! The other great thing that happened was the skin on the areas being treated became firmer, a huge plus for me.

After completing five sessions I set off for a month long overseas holiday with a new found confidence to sit poolside in my bikini! When I returned I was interested to know if the results had lasted the trip too, so I contacted Mary who sent my measurements immediately upon request.

After four weeks (and a big change of diet and lifestyle) my measurements came back the same as on the last treatment with the exception of my knees. I relayed this information to Mary who advised it could have been due to fluid retention from the flight to which I agreed – my feet and calves were extremely swollen for days, yet this is usual for me.

Overall I am extremely happy and I will certainly do this treatment again as there are a few little areas on other parts of my body I feel could benefit from the toning and tightening the medcontour can provide.

E.T December 8, 2014

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