Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery


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Noses are a very personal thing and what looks good to one person, is not necessarily acceptable to another. The nose acts as a focal point for the face and provides balance and proportion. It is also the most important aspect of a profile. The most common concerns for people and the reasons they elect to have surgery are the size and shape of the tip and bridge of the nose. Often only minor corrections are required to give the patient satisfaction. Most rhinoplasty procedures involve incisions inside the nose, which means there are no visible scars. Occasionally an “Open Rhinoplasty” is performed when correcting the tip of the nose; this involves a very small incision, which is made in the vertical column (the Columellar) leading from above the upper lip to the tip of the nose. The scar afterwards is almost invisible. When reducing the size of the nostrils, occasionally small wedges are excised from the side of the nose – these scars are minimal. When the nose is reduced or built up – the supporting structures within are readjusted by either removing or adding bone, cartilage or specifically designed ‘implants’. The skin then re-drapes itself to this new structure. Remember, your nose may take several months to a year to fully settle and mould itself into the desired shape. Your new nose should blend in naturally with your face and often those around you will comment that they see very little difference, which is often the best compliment. The main thing is that you yourself are happy with the result.

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