Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Woman with facelift

Do you recognise the face that stares back at you when you look in the mirror? Especially that morning face! Or is it someone that looks familiar, but has puffier eyes, dark circles, a double chin and a mouth that turns down making me look angry and unhappy. Do you wish you could hit the refresh button and instantly rejuvenate that reflection to see a brighter, happier, less tired person that actually looks like you…

I find it interesting that people of a certain age – especially women – still think of a face-lift, and how they were 20+ years ago, when really today it is more like facial rejuvenation and, the end result is a more youthful, smoother, refreshed appearance. There has been a complete paradigm shift in the techniques and approaches to face-lifts over the past two decades, with our Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Bill Lyon, taking a more ‘restorative’ and ‘individualised’ approach to ensure that no two face-lifts are the same. Art and science are used in equal measures to ensure that facial volume and contours are restored in an attempt to rejuvenate youthful facial features and, to only remove as much tissue as necessary. The results are amazing, giving you the look that is more consistent with how you feel.

Man with faceliftLook at yourself now, you may be thinking “I want it all and I want it now”! However at Cosmedical Clinic, when you see Dr Lyon, he will discuss with you and assess what aesthetic areas will be the most beneficial to your overall appearance – matching your aesthetic needs and desires. I love that…. for me, what used to be my greatest assets are now my biggest concerns – my beautiful eyes and firm upper lid area are now puffy and indistinct; my slim, long neck has now been joined by a few more chins; my kissable lips are now in a constant… I’m angry expression (which I am not)

I read a very interesting article recently about this very tough employment market, and it seems that the biggest career-lift, is fast becoming a face-lift. Sadly in this ageist society, knowledge and experience are increasingly taking a back seat to youth and appearance….. That is a whole new topic to be discusses at a later date.

When I recently updated the website and added the before and after(s) you see below, I went OMG she looks amazing, she looks like the before(s) younger sister that has not just had a facial rejuvenation, but looks thinner, fresher, happier and more vibrant.

Before and After Meloplasty

Before and After – Meloplasty at Cosmedical

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