Guy and Girl

Are you ready to expose yourself for the silly season?

Do you want to go shopping for your new bikini or fabulous one piece – my husband goes AWOL when he hears these words…..

Guys, do you want to strut along the beach, or around the swimming pool with confidence?

Or, as my father often said to me as a child “must be jelly cause jam don’t wobble like that”!!

Med Contour DiagramIf you’re looking for a weight-loss miracle don’t read on! If you’re looking for an effective way of reducing bulges under the bra-line, muffin tops, mummy tummies, beer bellies, wobbly leg or arms then continue on. So far I have ticked every box except for the beer belly, but if I added ‘wine wings’, then we go tick, once again!!!

When Mary (Cosmedical’s Med Contour specialist), in her gently persuasive, spiritual manner asked me if I wanted to trial the Med Contour treatment – I went “hey yeh, why not… this sounds fantastic” and I was not wrong. During my treatment involving vacuum technology and ultrasound to breakdown fat cells, and lymphatic drainage massage to remove toxins fast, flushing them through your system, Mary is preaching the virtues of mind, body & spirit. As I quickly found out the results can be incredible – I lost 24cm around my mid section!!!

To maintain and improve upon this unbelievable result, it like anything worthwhile, takes commitment and dedication. One treatment is not the holy grail of weight-loss, as the program requires 4 x combined treatments over a 4-week period.. However, I can tell you the results, are worth the effort and it is almost pain free – so who can say no to that.

What Med Contour does not promise is the ‘big reveal’ changes of liposuction – but it is a great supplementary treatment after liposuction, and works best when you watch your diet and exercise regularly.

After seeing ‘another’ picture of a beautiful body on the beach, sporting a super flat belly – rather than go bitch….. I’m going to do something about it now, and dial Cosmedical on 02 9386 5222

Until next time…


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