Love The Skin You Are In


It’s really frightening to when you think how many hours a week we spend looking at your skin in a mirror. No matter how good or bad we feel about ourselves, that mirror is like a magnet and it’s hard to walk past without having a good, always critical, look at your skin.

In saying that how many people do you know with truly beautiful skin?

Searching for the Holy Grail, to find the perfect balance when it comes to skincare and that conundrum of – should I have to sell the kids, to afford the best products!! (Even though you are thinking about this – not the best option)!

It is so encouraging to hear Bec Boberg – one of our senior injectors – talking to her patients before their treatments going through their skincare routine. Bec, has a passion and an innate understanding for not only how to get the most amazing results from the latest technology in cosmetic science to fight against skin aging, but also, that to achieve the best results using daily skincare is a must.

Between Bec and the DR ASPECT skincare products – that you don’t have to sell the kids to afford – you are on the way to truly beautiful skin.

As a skincare junkie, my fav’s are DR ASPECT Vitamin C & B Serums and the SMC Cream for everyday to give your skin that inner glow.

Cosmedical Clinic in the eastern suburbs of Sydney and the delightfully quirky Bec, will have you looking FAB in no time.

Until next time…


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