From Flab to Fab……

Flat stomach

Well, now we are talking about a subject that is close to my heart…. maybe too close! Do you feel your body betrays you? Do you think you lead a pretty healthy life, exercise regularly and most of the times eat well (ignoring the few glasses of wine a week for medicinal purposes) – but still can’t budge those certain, stubborn pockets of flab….

LegsThe reality is the body works very hard to defend its fat stores – it simply doesn’t know or respect our desire to be slim, trim and terrific. Or, that Photoshop is a special effect, not an everyday vision. For all your body knows, the ice age is still ongoing, and that the slab of woolly mammoth might be the last thing you eat for weeks; and so it had better hang onto the lard for as long as possible.

This brings us to Liposuction. Let me say from the outset it is not the Holy Grail for overall obesity! It’s for small, stubborn deposits of subcutaneous fat (which sits just below the skin) that resists all exercise and diet. Making Liposuction one of the most popular surgical procedures performed at Cosmedical Clinic, and in Australia – with ten’s of thousands done yearly on both men & women (though more commonly in women).

Dr Ron Bezic, is not only one the nicest men you will meet, but also, one of the most respected and highly awarded Cosmetic Surgeons in his specialty field of Body Sculpting/Body Image Surgery – Vaser Liposuction. Ron, not only takes the time to listen to your concerns, but he is also genuinely interested in creating the most effective and appropriate solution.

While, Liposuction maybe the jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle, it is just that, the start. As those boring words – healthy food choices, regular exercise, and restraint – can’t be ignored… bugger!!!


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