Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery



The eyes are the focal point of the face and are generally the first to show signs of ageing because they contribute substantially to your overall facial appearance. When the eyes become wrinkled, puffy and droopy the eyebrows sag, and the entire face tends to have a perpetually tired or sad expression. Even when you are feeling well and rested and revitalised, constant comments about your appearance can become disturbing. The two main problems which confront us with the eyes are excessive skin in the upper and lower eyelids and secondly the accumulation of fat which causes the puffy appearance. This tendency is inherited and may appear very early in life before the ageing process becomes obvious. With eyelid surgery, the removal of the excess skin and fat pads give the rested, youthful appearance, but does very little to change the fine lines and crow’s feet surrounding the eyes. The surgical incisions follow the natural contour lines of the eyes in the upper eyelids. The incisions are made in the fold of the lids and in the lower eyelids the incisions are made in the natural creases directly below the eyelash lines. In certain cases where the skin excess is not the overriding problem and puffiness is, the incision is made inside the lower lid itself. This is known as a transconjunctival incision and is for the removal of fat pads only. This technique leaves no visible scaring. Care must be taken with the amount of fat removed to prevent hollowing of the eyes. Blepharoplasty or eyelid reduction may be done as an independent procedure, or it may be done in conjunction with other facial rejuvenating surgery. Laser resurfacing of the skin on the lower eyelids can also be performed to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The procedure is performed here at our clinic under local anaesthetic with or without sedation as a day case, or in hospital.

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