Breast Envy…


‘Body Image’ is something we all struggle with from a very, very, young age. We get braces to straighten our teeth; we wear make-up to make ourselves attractive; we colour and cut our hair to be fashionable…. so getting the breasts we want should be just as acceptable.

At around age twelve you got to choose your first bra. You probably felt inadequate because your best friend had boobs and you didn’t… However, that very same best friend probably felt self-conscious because she was the only one with boobs, and girls &boys in her class looked longingly at them for different reasons…

Breast Envy never changes!!!

MadonnaCosmedical Clinic surgeons, Dr’s Bill Lyon & Ron Bezic in the heart of the eastern suburbs of Sydney, are the answer to your breast envy, whether it is breast enlargements, reduction or lifting and reshaping. All it takes is a non-confronting & understanding chat to either Bill or Ron to discuss your ‘boob dreams’. The one thing we know you want is to feel safe, and assured that you are in the confident hands of skilled & experienced surgeons.

Make 2015 about positive body image. Create the body you want – as almost anything is possible!! Everyday, the last thing we do before leaving home is look into the mirror to check that we are ready to face the world… your overhanging thought bubble should say “looking good – bring it on!”

Until next time x

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