T’is The Season…

Well 2015 is the year to plan ahead and become realistic! To quote Kathy Lette “stand on your own two stiletto’s and put together a self-improvement plan that will make you feel, absolutely fabulous…

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Testimonial MedContour

I recently found out the best kept body toning and size-loss secret in Sydney and want to share my experience in the hope it will help anyone who has struggled to get the shape they wanted.

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If you’re looking for an effective way of reducing bulges under the bra-line, muffin tops, mummy tummies, beer bellies, wobbly leg or arms then continue on. So far I have ticked every box except for the beer belly, but if I added ‘wine wings’, then we go tick, once again!!!

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The Incredible, Injectables…

Gone are the days that there is only one completely frozen look from injectables – this is no longer fashionable. I’ve listened to Sally and Bec Boberg consulting to their clients and it‘s always wonderful to hear them say “you will not look different, you will just look like a better version of you” – and this is so true!!!

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From Flab to Fab……

Do you feel your body betrays you? Do you think you lead a pretty healthy life, exercise regularly and most of the times eat well (ignoring the few glasses of wine a week for medicinal purposes) – but still can’t budge those certain, stubborn pockets of flab….

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Do you recognise the face that stares back at you when you look in the mirror? Especially that morning face! Or is it someone that looks familiar, but has puffier eyes, dark circles, a double chin and a mouth that turns down making me look angry and unhappy. Do you wish you could hit the refresh button and instantly rejuvenate that reflection to see a brighter, happier, less tired person that actually looks like you…

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