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Founded over 30 years ago the Cosmedical Clinic was the brainchild of Dr William Pouw, one of Australia’s most respected Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons. Today, the clinic (a stone’s throw from Westfield Bondi Junction) leads the trend in modern cosmetic medicine by focusing on optimising the health and appearance of his clients, so they can always look and feel their best.

Reflecting its extraordinary growth and reputation, Cosmedical Clinic introduces a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses and therapists offering uncompromising attention to detail and discreet professionalism in all aspects of aesthetic procedures.

The evolution of the cosmetic/plastic surgeon has expanded to become more wide spread, rather than a doctor’s visit shrouded in secrecy and only available to the elite, wealthy and celebrity clients. It has now become more acceptable, more accessible and a more affordable solution(s) to everyday health and well-being.

The Cosmedical Clinic is keeping ahead of the trends by expanding their medical team with new doctors who are leaders in their respective fields and at the forefront of breakthrough cosmetic surgical procedures. As well as ensuring that our cosmetic injectors keep themselves current with the latest training to ensure that our clients receive the most up-to-date treatments.

Injectable and non-invasive treatments will continue to become more widely used. Not only do these procedures help return skin to its youthful look, but also, the procedures require little or no downtime or recovery time. They help with laughter, frown and smile lines…. the results last for many months and definitely give you something to smile about.

More and more women have been opting for multiple procedures (or mummy makeovers) to return their bodies to pre-pregnancy shape or to improve upon it, if they have finished having children. There is a growing plastic surgery trend that involves us getting back to our active lifestyles and feeling like a million dollars – without spending it!

As part of this wellness revolution we have extended our services to include an expanded team for non-surgical procedures such as; injectable, laser, sculpture, microdermabrasion, med-contouring (body sculpting) and a medi-facialist to assist with pre and post-operative procedures.

Our team at Cosmedical Clinic is not only approachable and friendly, putting you at ease from the moment you enter the clinic, they are also dedicated, passionate and striving for excellence and absolute client satisfaction.

Cosmedical Clinic has such a wonderful environment…
I have been coming here for years and I feel like part of the family.

Jayne, Pymble

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