Love The Skin You Are In

Searching for the Holy Grail, to find the perfect balance when it comes to skincare and that conundrum of – should I have to sell the kids, to afford the best products!! (Even though you are thinking about this – not the best option)!

Body Blitz

No matter how good we look we always feel we can look better!! The aim for perfection is something we seek, but will we ever find it? There are two body battles that it doesn’t matter how good our diet is, or how much exercise we do, they are just part of the female form. It is a complete conundrum – why do only women get cellulite and why can’t we get our flat tummies back after having had 2 -3 kids? We love our kids dearly, but boy, do they owe us for what they did to our bodies to bring them into this world. Autumn/ Winter is the perfect time to start preparing for Spring/Summer 15!! There are multiple solutions to both problems depending on the results you want to achieve and the extent of your body issues. Cosmedical Clinic is one of the few clinic to offer a complete service for body enhancements with your choice of surgical or non-surgical (non invasive) options. Either Liposuction or Med Contour can set you on the right road to improve how you feel about your body. Coming in to see Val, is like sitting down and talking to one of you BF’s!!!              ...

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